PCI can provide you with a wide variety of lightweight, low cost protective packaging options.

We convert PE forms, microfoam, bubble, urethanes and laminates into a wide array of protective packaging solutions. They can be sheeted, perfed rolls, slit, rewound to smaller rolls, pouched, die cut into shapes, made into tubes or shrouds and other ideas your or our imagination can discover.

No minimums for any stocked product.

Most products can be sheeted, no size limit restrictions.
We will pouch foams (PE & microfoam), bubble, laminates, anti-static

Size from 1.75" – 999" opening to 1.75" – 40" deep

Tape, flush, or other closures available
Perfs from 1" to 999"

Rewind master rolls to any size

Slit rolls 3" minimum on up
PCI can cut any shape or size for you

Novelty items, gaskets
Custom made to fit over equipment or product shipment